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What if?

Affordable Cruise recommends travel insurance to all of our clients.

One of our customers was on a Caribbean Cruise when he suffered a stroke. When something like that happens, Travel Insurance is a tremendous benefit. In this case, they arranged for an air ambulance to a medical facility in Miami, coordinated treatment, and arranged air transportation for his wife to join him at the hospital. The emergency evacuation expenses exceeded $7,300, but the entire cost was covered by the couple's Travel Insurance policy.

If an illness, accident, emergency, or other covered unforeseen event occurs before or during a trip, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in non-refundable deposits.

Travel Insurance protects you against these types of losses and much more. It can also come in handy if you have to cut your trip short. You'll be paid not only for non-refundable expenses, but additional transportation expenses to get you home, including the cost of a higher airfare to book a flight on short notice. The maximum amount payable is your insured trip cost.

We offer Travel Insurance through Allianz. Ask me for a quote for your next vacation!